Search Engine Optimization

Internet Marketing to Capture Your Target Demographic.

Search Engine Marketing

À La Carte Search Engine Marketing and Paid for Click Services Using Your Top Keywords to Drive Traffic.

Websites are made and destroyed by their rankings on Google, Yahoo!, and other Search Engines. It’s crucial that your customers find your site with the click of a button. Here, at VisionSnap, we believe that Search Engine Optimization is the most effective, and cost efficient way, to promote and grow your business online.

We recognize the need for website owners to have a presence on search engines and to drive traffic to their site. We use the latest SEO guidelines ensure your site is found every time, on the first page, when someone searches for your product or service.

We work hand-in-hand to assure your web site achieves the traffic, exposure, market presence and best ROI (Return on Investment) possible. Our philosophy is based on personal interaction, along with research and quantifiable data, to provide you the top business drivers for your company and website.

VisionSnap firmly believes that SEO is the best way to optimize your website, search engine placement, and ROI! Contact us today for more details about SEO.

Types of SEO Marketing

Each company's marketing strategy is different. Our marketing services are tailored specific to each client's marketing needs, focusing on their target market. With VisionSnap there are no specific packages or set pricing since each client and its brand is unique. Contact us today to discuss a strategy for assisting you and your needs specific to grabbing more online marketing share.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

This entails the process of consultation and utilizing our expertise and tools in order to assess the client's market. This process achieves the optimal ROI, utilizing the Cost Per Click (CPC) services offered for all the major search engines. We gather the terms you would like to submit and research which terms would provide the optimal placement with the best ROI. After the terms are submitted and optimized in our system we maintain the bids and gaps on a regular basis. We would also provide marketing reports to allow you to make the best marketing decisions for your company within the search engines.

Here are just a few Cost Per Click (CPC) services we offer our clients:

  • Research, Review, and Consultation of terms for submission
  • Consultation on content and relevancy within the search engines
  • Analyze words to find the specific terms to achieve the best results in the search engines and provide the best ROI
  • Optimization of existing site to focus the 80/20 rule
  • Keep constant placement within the search engines
  • Monitor data and bidding of cost per click services
  • Eliminating Bid Gaps
  • Reports for expenditures / clicks / keywords / etc.
  • Analysis of Statistics
  • And much more!
Natural / Organic Rankings

Our natural ranking services provide a placement in the non-sponsored results area in the search engines. We will gather the terms you would like to submit and then research which terms would provide the optimal placement. We would need access to your web site to then begin optimizing your site and adding backend pages to gain more relevancy and results. The pages will be submitted to all the Search Engines and directories on the web.

We work hand in hand to create and in-depth online marketing campaign focusing on these specific natural phrases within the top search engines as well as social media, linking campaigns, site maps, business pages, optimization of the web site content and programming and any other services required to achieved the optimal results within Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other supporting smaller search engines.

Here are just a few organic services we offer our clients:

  • Consultation on content and relevancy within the search engines
  • Research & Analyze specific phrases to achieve optimal placement within the search engines and provide the best ROI
  • Optimization of existing site to focus the 80/20 rule
  • Google, Yahoo, and Bing Site Map creation and monitoring on regular basis
  • Utilization of webmaster tools for web site placement and management
  • Research competitor's listings
  • Consultation with link popularity
  • Monitor data and position
  • Consultation with Social Media for SEO
  • Consultation with Blogging for SEO
  • Consultation with other media avenues for SEO
  • Analysis of Statistics
  • And much more!
Social Media

Social media can be overwhelming when you're just getting started. Figuring out which services would be most beneficial for your business along with which will drive the most attention and focus to your site. Vision Snap will help you answer all of those unknown questions.

VisionSnap can assist your social media concerns by explaining each, how it can benefit you and your business; while driving traffic to your social media accounts and web site. We will layout a social media campaign specific to your needs and guidelines. Contact us today to jump start your project!

Here are just a few social media services we offer our clients:

  • Consultation on which social media outlets will drive the most traffic
  • Account setup & configuration
  • Social media content consultation
  • Online and local tools to assist with social media posts
  • Research & Analyze provide the best ROI
  • À la carte service per each client’s request…
Phoenix Web Design

Web Design

Web site design is the creation of aesthetic and functional interfaces. Creative and functional web design provides your site credibility. One element all VisionSnap's web sites have in common is the proper use of web design elements, fresh ideas, and creative concepts.

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Phoenix Web Development

Web Development

Our beginning-to-end effective web development solution is creating a web presence with creative graphic design, effective use of color, layout, functionality, efficient navigation, optimization of the images for quick load, and valuable information to capture your target audience and increase your market share on the Internet.

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Phoenix Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Mobile applications and mobile web sites are now a necessity for business. Here at VisionSnap we can take your business and make it mobile friendly. We can create an application for your product or service, or create a mobile friendly web site that is responsive to the different devices.

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